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Protect Your Belongings Before Leaving The House

Protect your belongings! You don’t have to be a professional residential locksmith to know that all homes have at least one vulnerability. Your home is not only your personal sanctuary, but it’s also filled with all your belongings. While some are purely sentimental, others are of financial value and both need to be protected. Here […]

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How To Find Lost Keys

Lost keys can be a stressful episode. In most cases, we tend to place a number of keys on a single ring. This means that, when you lose your keys, you lose all of your keys. Some people might refer to a broken or damaged key as a lost key. These keys have lost their functionality […]

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7 Ways To Improve Your Front Door Security

Front door security and home security is a priority no matter where you live. Whether you live alone or you have a family, safety is always important. One of the most popular points of entry for criminals is your front door. We often think about adding security features to our windows but, what about the […]

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Why Hire a Professional Locksmith?

A lost key or faulty lock can be enough to disrupt your plans for that day or night. In a moment of desperation, it’s not uncommon for us to call the first locksmith we come across in local listings. Sometimes we even think that we can solve the problem ourselves. No matter how urgent the […]

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Help! I’ve Locked Myself Out Of My House!

It’s understandably distressing when you are trying to enter your home but you seem to have misplaced your keys. Rather than going into a complete panic, it’s important to remain calm and think things through. There might be a very simple solution to your problem. Here are some options to try before you call your […]

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Why Does A Key Keep Turning Inside A Lock?

When you insert a key into a lock and turn it, you expect the door to either lock or unlock. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and the lock turns without locking or unlocking. If you have a key that continues turning inside a lock, here are some possible reasons why. Lock tailpiece is […]

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How To Secure Your Sliding Door Lock?

Sliding doors are excellent for adding light and style to a room. They are also preferred because they don’t take up any space. In other words, you don’t need to worry about leaving space for the doors to open. However, there is one concern that property owners have when it comes to sliding doors and […]

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Hi-Tech Lock Specialists in Toronto

Locking mechanisms have come a long way since the basic lock and key system. The technology of today makes wireless access possible. While remote controls are common for motor vehicles, home locks have usually relied on keys. Property owners now have the option of keypads, Bluetooth access, and even WiFi connections. Smart locks, as they […]

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