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Toronto Top Locksmith offers the best and most affordable locksmith services in Toronto and across the GTA. Our 24-hour locksmith services in Toronto are meant to cater to all kinds of emergencies. Our expert locksmiths are available within 15 minutes of your call. So if you are wondering where can I find the locksmith near me at this odd hour? We are just a call away.


As your leading locksmith service, we take great pride in performing the highest quality locksmith services. Your needs and satisfaction are our number one priority. Our locksmiths in Toronto have years of experience in the field and have knowledge of the tools to fix your lock problems at short notice.

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    Emergency Locksmith Services in 15 Minutes

    When you need Toronto locksmith near you our services allow you to access your home, vehicle, commercial property, or mailbox. Toronto Top Locksmith is always available to help, and we arrive within 15 minutes.

    Staying locked out is not an option. Our expert locksmiths understand their trade well and have proficiency in dealing with a wide variety of locks and keys and other locksmith tools. Therefore can unlock your problems effortlessly.

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    Looking for Nearest Locksmith in Toronto?

    We provide residential, commercial, mailbox, and auto locksmith services in Toronto.
    Our skilled team will arrive within 15 minutes anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you have locked yourself out of your car, gotten a key stuck in your entry door at home, or have any other lock problems, call your trusted Toronto Locksmith right away.

    We are open at all times therefore ready to dispatch our expert locksmiths to your location in and around the Toronto area. Our prompt service will have you on your way in no time.

    Let us help you with emergency lockouts.

    Brands We Service

    Due to our years of experience in the locksmith business, we have gained expertise in handling variety of brands. These are some popular lock brands that are trusted in Canada for their security and durability.

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    ✓ Service Areas Toronto & GTA
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      Customer Testimonials

      When you need professional Toronto locksmith services, it's good to know what previous clients have to say. Take a look at our testimonials to find out how our clients feel about our services.

      Charles Wilkinson

      Feb 6

      When I accidentally locked my keys in my car, I realized that I was locked out of my car and my house. After calling Toronto Top Locksmith, they arrived quickly as promised. Within minutes my car was opened, and my keys were safely in my hands again.

      Emily Matthews

      Feb 14

      As a small business owner, opening my doors on time each day is essential for maintaining a successful business and positive reputation. When the lock on the front door of my business broke, it was stressful, to say the least. Lucky for me, Toronto Top Locksmith was there in a matter of minutes, and I was able to open my business as usual.

      Esther Black

      Feb 19

      I went to pick up some important mail only to notice that my mailbox key was no longer on the bunch I carry with me. Before calling a locksmith, I looked around me and in my car, but I couldn't find the key anywhere. So, I decided to call Toronto Top Locksmith, and I was relieved to have access to my mailbox again that same day! Given the confidential nature of my mail, I can confidently state that their service was of the highest standard.

      David A.

      Mar 4,

      I recently purchased a new apartment and security is always a concern since I live alone. This is why it was so important for me to have my locks replaced before moving in. Of course, I was under a bit of pressure as far as time was concerned and, lucky for me, Toronto Top Locksmith was able to replace all the necessary locks quickly so that I could safely move into my new home!

      Damian Hicks

      Mar 6

      Excellent service and highly professional too. Toronto Top Locksmith was able to replace the broken lock on the front door of my home so quickly that my daily routine was hardly affected! Most important of all is the fact that their professional approach helped me feel safe in my home again.

      Rachel Wade

      Mar 11

      Although I should have known better, when my key to the front door at my office would not turn properly, I tried to force it in anyway. As a result, the key broke and my efforts only made matters worse. So I called Toronto Top Locksmith and, thanks to their 24/7 service, I was able to leave my office locked and secure with a new lock and key set.

      commercial locksmith services Toronto

      Commercial Services in Toronto

      If you cannot open a lock or if one of your door locks is damaged, you need a professional locksmith. Locks can be sensitive and breaks fast. Our emergency commercial locksmiths in Toronto will take care of this problem without causing any additional damage. We are available 24/7 and, since Toronto Top Locksmith is a locally based company, we are able to reach you anywhere in Toronto within 15 minutes. We are the friendly neighbourhood locksmiths near you!

      residential locksmith services Toronto

      Residential Services in Toronto

      If you have a wooden door, you may notice how different elements inevitably affect the wood. Over time and due to weather conditions, wood can modify its shape, and this can make it tough to close your door. When this occurs, it’s best not to force the door and call one of our locksmith professionals in Toronto instead. Even if you just need to adjust the lock, it’s best that it’s done by an expert.

      Any time you try to force a key inside the lock, you’re risking potential damage. The key could break inside the lock. Instead of forcing the key, call a residential locksmith to repair the problem or replace the lock. We will arrive anywhere in Toronto within 15 minutes to replace the lock on your front door in no time.

      automotive locksmith in Toronto

      Automotive Services in Toronto

      When your car is locked and you are unable to open any of the doors, the best thing to do is call a Toronto Car locksmith near you. Trying to break into your own car can result in additional damage. An expert will free your doors faster than anyone.

      The locks on your car can benefit from proper lubrication. Graphite and WD-40 are popular lubricants, but they are not ideal for use on car locks. Graphite leaves a muddy residue and WD-40 becomes sticky over time. A silicon or Teflon based lubricant is a better choice.
      Car locks can get dirty or even damaged which makes them difficult to operate. Forcing any lock is a bad idea, and this is certainly the case when it comes to car locks. Rather than risking further damage, call Toronto Top Locksmith for fast service.

      Mailbox Locksmith Toronto

      Mailbox Services in Toronto

      We understand how important it is to access your mailbox without any delays. This is why we offer 24 hours 7 days a week locksmith services for emergencies in Toronto and GTA. At Toronto Top Locksmith, we always put your needs and privacy first. Your security is our top priority.

      We usually arrive anywhere in Toronto within 15 minutes. Thanks to our speedy service, your mailbox lock problems will be over in no time.

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