Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Locksmith FAQs:

    When do I need to hire a locksmith?

    Whenever you have a key stuck in a lock, a broken lock, or lost keys, you should hire a locksmith to replace the locks.

    Do you offer professional locksmith services after hours?

    Yes, we offer 24/7 Toronto locksmith service for your convenience.

    Can't I just get lock picking tools and do everything myself?

    It might be tempting to hire a cheaper, unlicensed locksmith if you're hoping to save money. That said, it's always better to opt for a licensed professional for security and quality reasons.

Residential Locksmith FAQs:

    Do you replace front door locks?

    Yes, our expert team of locksmiths is always prepared to perform speedy entry door lock replacements

    Should I force a key if it won't turn?

    Whenever a key becomes tough to turn, you might be tempted to force it. Resist this urge since you could damage the lock or force the key to break inside. Call an expert locksmith instead.

    If my wooden door is tough to lock, should I force it closed?

    The weather can cause wood doors to modify in shape which means that they can be tough to close and lock without excessive force. Rather than put too much pressure on the door and lock, call a professional locksmith to resolve the issue.

Automotive Locksmith FAQs:

    If the key won't turn all the way, should I force it?

    When you insert a key into a lock, and you feel significant resistance when turning, the best thing to do is to stop. Forcing the key could cause damage to the lock, or the key could end up breaking. Rather than make matters worse, contact a professional locksmith to resolve the problem.

    How long will it take to open my car lock?

    We are your locally based Toronto locksmith, which means that we will arrive within 20 minutes of receiving your call and we always work quickly to get you on your way.

    Is WD-40 a good lubricant for car locks?

    While WD-40 might be a popular lubricant for many uses, it's not ideal for your car. This is because it tends to become sticky after time. Instead, you should opt for a Teflon or silicon based lubricant.

Mailbox Locksmith FAQs:

    Can I be certain that my privacy will be protected?

    We understand the importance of your security and privacy which is why we always put your safety first.

    How soon can my mailbox lock be replaced?

    We are available 24/7, and we usually arrive anywhere in the GTA within 20 minutes.

    Will you replace my mailbox lock on the same day?

    Yes, we offer same-day Toronto mailbox locksmith services anywhere in the city or the GTA.

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