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Whether it`s break-in repair, a home lockout, a broken key, or any other lock emergency, we`ve got you covered. Your security is our priority, which is why we`re available 24/7 every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. Our team members are available throughout Toronto and the GTA, which means we can arrive within 15-20 minutes of your call. Don’t waste time on slow locksmith services, Toronto Top Locksmith is the most secure emergency locksmith near you!

✔ Servicing the entire Greater Toronto Area
✔ Family owned local business
✔ Experienced and certified technicians
✔ Secure on-site service (ID verification)
✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
✔ Fully Licensed & WSIB Insured
✔ Top rated
✔ 15-20 minutes average response time
✔ Lock hardware supplier and distributor
✔ Premium quality lock hardware (imported from the USA)


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Emergency Locksmith FAQs:

I got locked out of my house, what do I do?

At Toronto Top locksmith, we believe that accidental lockouts should never be a disruption to your daily activities, and we understand just how urgently you need the assistance of a trustworthy Toronto locksmith when they happen. This is the exact reason why we strive to combine the two features that make a good locksmith: speed and expertise. Our highly trained locksmiths will reach you within 20 minutes of your call, no matter where you are in Toronto and the GTA.

I got locked out of my car, what do I do?

Torontonians rely on their vehicles a lot in today’s world, and their daily routine becomes severely disrupted when they encounter a problem with their car locks. In any type of car lock emergency, it’s good to have your local and trusted Toronto locksmith by your side. Our team knows how to deal with the most urgent matters, and we take care of all your car lock issues fast!

My key won’t open the door. What should I do?

Don’t attempt to open the door by forcing the key in! Call us right away because we have the tools to fix the issue.

I lost my keys and can’t get into my house. What should I do?

Although things like this are highly stressful, try to keep calm. If you don’t have a spare key and there’s no way of getting into the house, call a residential lock expert.

What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is a technique used for opening a tumbler lock. The technique uses a specifically crafted bump key that must correspond to the target lock.

How can I protect my home from lock bumping?

Cheap locks can be easily broken, which is why it’s best to install high-security locks. Intruders always look for easy prey, and when they see a difficult task ahead, they will most likely give up.

Can I change the keys to my car or home without changing the whole lock?

Yes, you can get your locks rekeyed. This basically means modifying existing locks so that only new keys can open them instead of replacing the whole thing.

My key doesn’t turn properly, what can I do?

Over time, some locks can “wear down,” making it difficult for you to open the door. In such cases, it is best not to force the key in because that can cause more damage. The smartest thing to do is call your residential locksmith and have them rekey your locks.

In case you're still wondering:

How fast can I get an emergency locksmith?

We have locations and team members all across the GTA, enabling us to arrive within 15-20 minutes from when you place your call! We also waive our service charge with the purchase of any of our locksmith services. Call 4 Locksmith is the most secure, prompt and dependable emergency locksmith service in your city.

What if I have a lock emergency over the weekend?

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We know that lock emergencies don't always happen during business hours, which is why we're available during weekends and holidays too.

Can you fix the damage after a break-in?

Yes, our team of experienced professionals can quickly fix all damage caused by a break-in.

What Are Emergency Locksmith Services?


Emergency locksmith services refer to locksmith services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are designed to assist individuals who require immediate assistance with their locks or keys. These services are available for both residential and commercial clients, as well as for automobiles.


Emergency locksmith services include a range of services, such as lockout assistance, lock repair, key cutting, key duplication, rekeying, and other related services. For example, if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home or car, you can call an emergency locksmith to help you gain access quickly and safely.


Emergency locksmith services are also useful for situations where a lock has been damaged or compromised, such as after a break-in or when a key has been lost or stolen. In these situations, an emergency locksmith can repair or replace the damaged lock to restore the security of your property.


It’s important to note that emergency locksmith services may cost more than non-emergency services, but they provide peace of mind and security when you need them the most.

Who Needs Emergency Locksmith Services?


Have you ever locked yourself out of your home or car? Whether you’re dealing with a broken lock, lost house keys, or any other kind of lock emergency, you can use emergency locksmith services.