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When you need a professional locksmith and you want to make sure that you are getting Toronto’s best, call Toronto top Locksmith. We live up to our name by ensuring the safety and security of our customers as well as our community. We understand that locksmiths emergencies can occur when least expected. For this reason, we are available 24/7, even on holidays and weekends. When you choose us, you will enjoy these benefits:

βœ” 15 – 20 minute response time on average
βœ” Trained, experienced and certified technicians
βœ” WSIB insured and fully licensed locksmiths
βœ” ID verification and on-site service
βœ” Available throughout the Greater Toronto Area
βœ” Locally based and family-owned
βœ” 100% satisfaction guaranteed
βœ” We supply and distribute lock hardware
βœ” Our lock hardware is of the highest quality, imported from the USA


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Damaged Keys FAQs:

Can I have damaged keys copied?

If you have a damaged key and you would like to have it copied, it is best to have an expert locksmith assess the damage. The possibility of copying the key will depend on the type and degree of damage.

Can I still use a damaged key?

If you have a damaged key, it is best to avoid using it. If you use a damaged key, it could make the damage worse or the key could even end up breaking inside the lock. At which point you would need a professional to perform a key extraction before replacing the key, replacing the lock or rekeying the lock.

Do I need a lock replacement due to a damaged key?

It will depend on the condition of the lock. If the lock is still in good condition and offers enough security, it could be rekeyed. If the lock is old, damaged or you would like to upgrade your security, it could be best to have the lock replaced. Rekeying or replacing the locks will mean that you will also receive new keys.

Will my damaged key still work?

A damaged key might still work, depending on the amount of damage. However, it can prove risky since you never know when the key could break or get stuck in the lock.

What are the risks of damaged keys?

A damaged key can let you down at any moment. Your key can fail you when you need it the most. You could end up locked out of your property or even unable to lock the door. Damaged keys present a security risk and can result in terrible inconvenience as well.