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Old keys and locks can give rise to a number of problems. One such problem is when the key breaks inside the lock. This usually occurs as you try to turn the key which means that the lock might not be in its usual locked or unlocked position. If you are experiencing this or any other lock problems contact Toronto Top Locksmith experts today.


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✔ Lock hardware supplier and distributor
✔ Premium quality lock hardware (imported from the USA)

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When do I need new locks?

As you take a look around your home or business, might ask yourself whether or not you need new locks. Here are some instances where replacement locks are essential:

✔ Old or worn locks should be replaced before they prove to be a security issue.
✔ Broken locks need to be replaced right away for obvious reasons.
✔ Lost keys leave you vulnerable. Replace the lock or have the lock rekeyed at least.
✔ Moving into a new property means that anyone can have a copy of your key. Replace the lock or have it rekeyed.
✔ After a break-in or break-in attempt, you should change your locks. You might want to consider upgrading them with high-security locks.

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Our Locksmith Services

Residential and commercial locksmith services: Keep your home, office, car, safe and mailbox secure with our professional locksmith services. Whether you need a lock replacement, help with a lockout situation or lock rekeying, we are always happy to help.


If you have experienced a break-in, your locks have most likely been compromised or even damaged. Replace and consider upgrading your lock and security system. Even an attempted break-in is cause for concern. Assess your level of security and replace any potentially vulnerable locks.


Our professional locksmith services in Kleinburg are available 24/7. All of our locksmiths are professionally trained and experienced in working on all types of locks.