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We offer our same-day emergency locksmith service to all of Georgetown and surrounding areas.
We have a 15 minute average response time! Available 24/7.

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Emergency Locksmith Georgetown

Expert Locksmith in Georgetown

If you are wondering why you should hire a professional locksmith and not try to pick a lock or extract a broken key yourself, there are several reasons. Attempting the job yourself can be extremely time-consuming and you can easily cause even more damage. If you have no previous experience or you lack the appropriate tools, you might not even be successful. Hiring an expert is the best option for all your Georgetown locksmith needs.


✔ Fully licensed and WSIB insured
✔ 15-20 minutes average response time
✔ Experienced and certified technicians
✔ Secure on-site service (ID verification)
✔ Servicing the entire Greater Toronto Area
✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
✔ Family owned local business
✔ Lock hardware supplier and distributor
✔ Premium quality lock hardware (imported from the USA)

24 hour Locksmith Georgetown

Services we offer

  1. Residential lock and key solutions
  2. Commercial locksmith services
  3. Automotive and car replacement keys
  4. Advanced security such as high-security locks
  5. Safe and mailboxes
  6. Lock replacements
  7. Lock rekeying
  8. Car key replacement
  9. Key extractions (removing a key that has broken inside a lock)
  10. High-security lock installation
  11. Emergency locksmith services throughout Georgetown
Car Locksmith Georgetown

Why choose us

Experience: Our training and experience allow us to work with precision as well as speed.
Reliable: We pride ourselves in providing every client with the most dependable locksmith services.
Verification: We always verify property ownership before we get to work.
Availability: Our team is available 24/7 for your convenience.
Fast service Since we are locally based, we are able to arrive within 15 minutes.


A break-in is as inconvenient as it is traumatic. Don’t let a break-in or attempted break-in leave you feeling unsafe in your own home or office. Toronto Top Locksmith experts are here to help you secure your property and keep intruders at bay. By upgrading your locks, you can keep yourself, your family and your property safe.

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