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If you need a reliable car key replacement service in Toronto and the GTA, look no further! Toronto Top Locksmith is your most reliable auto locksmith for all your car key replacement needs. With team members located across the GTA, we’re able to arrive to your vehicle within 20 minutes of your call. Don’t waste time on slow locksmith services, trust Toronto Top Locksmith for fast and efficient car key replacement in Toronto and the GTA.

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Car Key Replacement FAQs:

When should I replace car keys?

Let’s say you lost your car key, but you can still access it with your spare. Is it smart to keep the same locks on your car knowing that someone else might have gotten their hands on the lost key? Of course not. This is where your auto locksmith can make a difference between you losing your vehicle or continuing to drive without worrying about theft. Toronto Top Locksmith can reprogram and replace any type of car lock in Toronto and the GTA.

Can I change my car doors lock if I lost my keys?

If you have lost your keys you can have your locks rekeyed and we can make a new set for you so you do not have the replace the car locks entirely if you happen to lose or break your original key.

Where can I replace my car keys?

A car key replacement is something that should always be done by a professional. Not only for quality reasons, but also your security. Toronto Top Locksmith ensures both speedy work as well as reliable results. Our locksmiths are both trained and experienced in performing various emergency locksmith services so that you are not left stranded. Rather than endure the cost and inconvenience of having your vehicle towed, call us for affordable auto locksmith services in Toronto and the GTA.

How fast can I replace my car keys?

Not being able to access or start your car can be incredibly frustrating for any vehicle owner. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure – the problem needs to be resolved urgently so that you can be on your way. Toronto Top Locksmith offers speedy car key replacement services throughout the Toronto area. Since we are locally based, we can reach you within 15 minutes.

How much does it cost for car key duplication?

It depends. The costs vary across locations and the type of vehicle you have. If you have a vintage or luxury car, the cost is higher than the regular models. Many a time having a different type of car copy machine used by the locksmith or dealership also impacts the cost. Call us with your VIN and car details, we can help you with a cost estimate.

Can I duplicate a car key myself?

Car keys are different than house keys that can be copied at local key cutting kiosks. Car key duplication takes special equipment to ensure that you get a good duplication.

Why doesn't my car key duplicate work?

It could be due to your key requiring a transponder key to be programmed to match your car’s internal transceiver codes. It could also be due to a structural issue with the original key, even slight variations will be multiplied when you copy your key, making it too different to work with your lock.

Are you able to duplicate any type of car key?

If you want to duplicate your car key, you need at least one physical key. If you have a smart key cut from code through a key fob programming service you will require proof-of-ownership of the vehicle as well as the vehicle’s transponder code.

Will I be able to start my car with my key duplicate?

You will be able to start your car with your key duplicate if your car works without a transponder. However, if your car worked with a transponder, the duplicate key will only be able to start your car one the key fob has been programmed to match the coding within the ignition transceiver.

What Is Car Key Replacement?


As a professional locksmith, car key replacement is the process of creating a new car key to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged key. There are different types of car keys, including traditional mechanical keys, transponder keys, and smart keys. The type of key you need will depend on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as the year it was manufactured.

If you’ve lost your car key, we can create a new one for you using your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) to get the key code. If you have a transponder key or a smart key, our locksmith will need to program the key to work with your car’s security system.


Who Needs Car Key Replacement?


It is important for all car owners to consider getting their car keys professionally replaced when necessary. This will ensure the compatibility and security of the new replacement keys. Professional help also provides assurance that backup data is stored securely so that you don’t have any issues accessing your vehicle.