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Common Car Key Problems

Different cars use different types of keys and locks. Unlike years ago, car locks and keys have more features and technology than ever before! Of course, this does not make them unbreakable. Any locksmith in Toronto encounters at least a few of these common car key problems every month.

Lock damage

When a car key does not lock or unlock the car door, it could be due to a broken or damaged lock. This is usually the case with older cars since we operate modern locks with a remote control rather than the physical key. If the lock is worn down or damaged, replacement is the best option. Sometimes it's just dirty and needs cleaning. Sometimes the lock does not work because of exterior damage or force. If somebody tries and fails to break into your vehicle, it can result in a damaged lock. Test the lock by trying to operate it with your spare key. If none of your keys work, the lock itself might be damaged. If one key does not work but the spare key does, this indicates a different problem.


Key damage

Keys are often carried in pockets, purses, and they have a wonderful way of getting lost too! Some people even open bottles with their keys. However, this is not recommended since you will damage your key. If not immediately – expect damage over time. Damaged or broken keys can be replaced. Use your spare key if necessary and ask your locksmith for a car key replacement. If you have a coded key, you might need to contact an authorized dealer. Coded car keys are considered high-security items and are not kept in stock. Your dealer can order the coded key based on your vehicle registration documents.

Fob batteries

The batteries that operate the remote control usually last a long time. This is why we are surprised when they no longer work. Replace the batteries as soon as you notice your fob no longer works as well as it should. Not all vehicle manufacturers use the same types of batteries in their fobs. To be sure, open the fob carefully, remove the batteries, and take note of the type of batteries before you purchase new ones.

Internal key fob damage

Key fobs and keyless entry remotes are not immune to damage. Over time and due to frequent use, wear and tear will occur. Common causes of damage other than normal wear and tear include dropping your keys and exposure to the elements (rain). It might be necessary to replace your car key.

Unprogrammed key

Keys and cars are paired together. The frequency emitted from the key is specifically matched to that of the car. This is why you cannot open another car with your remote. This is done for security purposes of course. This often occurs with spare and replacement keys. Make sure to test your new key. A quick test reveals whether or not it is properly programmed.

Multiple duplications

A duplicated key is a relatively high-quality version of the original. However, a copy of this copy is not so great. Every time a key is copied, some small details are lost. After several copies, the resulting key might not work at all. When having a locksmith in Toronto copy your car key, make sure that you provide the original master key or at least the original spare key.

lock itself is damaged, a new lockset is the best solution. The new locks will come with new matching keys too. If you lock your keys in your car, resist the temptation to try to pop the lock yourself! You could damage the lock which costs far more than calling your local locksmith in Toronto!

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