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7 Common Car Lock Issues That Car Owners Face

Keyless entry is easily the most used and best perk of having an automatic power door lock on your four-wheeler. Gone are the days when you use manual keys to get in and lock the car. The key fob does it all for you even from across the parking spot. However, on those occasions when the keyless car lock is not working, it can be a bit disconcerting.
Before you start panicking and making up dramatic scenarios of possible major repairs to your car. Here are a few common reasons why your car isn’t locking the way when it was brand new.

1. Key Fob has lost its battery

Batteries do not last forever. In reality, there is nothing wrong with your car and your remote key fob could be the real problem. If your car doors refuse to lock or unlock on using the key fob, the battery on the remote keyless fob is probably at the end of its life. Contact your dealer or mechanic for replacing the battery.

2. Remote key fob not working

This is a common car lock problem most automotive locksmith and mechanics have to troubleshoot.

Remote key fobs all are built the same way with the same machinery inside. It is their programming to a particular car that makes them unique. This is why your key fob doesn’t work on other cars, it is programmed to unlock just your car. This programming can sometimes go awry, hence the key fob isn’t sending signals to unlock and lock your car doors promptly.

Before considering a serious repair, it is much easier to get your key fob assessed by the expert and reprogrammed if problems persist.

frozen car lock issues

3. Frozen car locks

This is a pretty common issue during the winters. Hate standing in the cold and trying to budge the lock to work? Stock up on silicone lubricant sprays to fix these issues.

We recommend not using the WD-40 spray. WD-40 is a water-displacing lubricant that takes just 30 seconds to work and clear up any lock. However, over time it thickens up and leaves a residue, hence a silicone alternative is the safest for car lock. Reapplying these to your door locks every few weeks can definitely solve the problem.

4. Rusted Lock

With the use of remote key fob or keyless entry most of us don’t have to deal with manual locks on car doors, however, it is better to be prepared just in case your key fob loses its battery or is damaged!
For rusted door locks silicone spray comes in handy. It is non-sticky, non-greasy and is rust retardant. That means it prevents your car lock from moisture and even prevents damage to your car's paint.

5. The power door lock has blown a fuse

Keyless entry, automatic locking and unlocking buttons, all of it can take a toll on your car’s power door lock. One way to inspect the problem is by locking the doors of your car and locking/unlocking each door to isolate the issue.
If the keyfob or the internal door lock switch doesn't work, it is time to get the power door lock system inspected by an automotive car locksmith. Do not DIY! This could cause more damage.

6. Wiring is faulty

This is one of the common issues with the power lock system. Try unlocking and locking the door multiple times. If it does not work some of the time, then the wiring on the power lock system is broken and needs fixing. Since wiring issues are sensitive, a DIY method is not recommended. A professional would be the best person to service this problem with accuracy in the least amount of time.

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7. Replace Solenoid on your car door

The solenoid is the critical component of power locks and it does get damaged. It is connected to your door handle and the opening mechanism. If your door even when unlocked refuses to open after pulling the handle, this might be the issue. Replacing solenoid on your car door would require the automotive expert to remove the door panel and troubleshoot the problem.

In all these cases, we recommend that you consult with professionals instead of taking the matter into your own hands. DIY repairs can turn out more expensive than the actual cost of fixing these common car lock problems.

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