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A growing number of property owners in Toronto choose to install high-security locks instead of regular ones. Whenever you decide to boost your security and install high-security locks in your home or business, we’re the expert Toronto locksmith service to call. Our team members are spread out across the GTA, enabling us to arrive within 15-20 minutes from your call! We also waive our service charge if you decide to proceed with our locksmith services.

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✔ 15-20 minutes average response time
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✔ Secure on-site service (ID verification)
✔ Family owned local business
✔ Lock hardware supplier and distributor
✔ Premium quality lock hardware (imported from the USA)


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High security locks FAQs

What are high-security locks?

A growing number of property owners in Toronto choose to install high-security locks instead of regular ones. Whenever you decide to boost your security and install high-security locks in your home or business, we're the expert Toronto locksmith service to call. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing these locks for your home or business: These locks cannot be picked by regular picking tools. Only by using specialized tools and with the help of experience and training, will the locksmith be able to open this lock. The keys are specially designed to prevent duplication which means that they can only be duplicated by authorized locksmiths. These locksmiths are not only professional but also highly trained experts in their field. The higher-end varieties have added systems that allow property owners to monitor their home or office remotely. In some cases, the system can be set up to notify the authorities in the event of a break-in. It's these features that are making high-security locks increasingly popular on a residential and commercial level. These locks are often some of the longest-lasting on the market but, should yours suffer any kind of excessive wear or damage, it's important to make sure that you call an authorized professional locksmith. Toronto Top Locksmith is available 24/7, and our team offers speedy services.

Why get high-security locks?

No matter how expensive your high-security lock was when you bought it, time can take its toll. Wear and tear is inevitable, but this does not mean that you should suffer the inconvenience of a broken or faulty lock. If you notice any of these problems, call us right away: Your key turns inside the lock, but it does not lock or unlock Your lock does not open At least one key has been lost or stolen You are purchasing or leasing a new property. Your security has recently been compromised by a break in

How can high-security doors protect my property?

Burglars often drill holes in regular locks in order to break in. These locks are resistant to these techniques. They are also tough when it comes to brute force, and they are by no means easy to damage or break.

What do I do if my lock will not latch into position?

If your door lock won’t latch into position, you may need a professional adjustment. For high-security locks, it is recommended that you have them looked at at least once a year to ensure they are properly aligned.

If I have lost the key for my high-security lock do I need to change the lock entirely?

No, you instead can get your locks rekeyed. This basically means modifying existing locks so that only new keys can open them instead of replacing the whole thing.