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What Are High-Security Locks?

High-security locks are locks that have been given an appropriate security rating or have been thoroughly examined by manufacturers, locksmiths, or security researchers. They typically use a certain design or characteristics which improves their overall security.

Types of high-security locks

Why exactly would you need a high-security lock? When choosing a high-security lock, there are many features that improve security that typical locks don’t have.

When looking for a high-security lock, you want to be sure it has features you would find appropriate, based on your needs.

Common characteristics of high-security locks are:

Complex Lock Cylinder - High-security locks have more intricate internal makeup that makes them more difficult to pick or bump.

Complex Key Construction - High-security locks have key bows and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing - locksmiths also require a security card to duplicate keys.

High-Quality Metal Content - Some locks will use plastic components and have wide gaps, which takes from the locks security, a high-security will have a lot of heavy metal and minimal gaps making it more difficult for security to be compromised.

Durable Bolts - Bolts in high-security locks are made of steel so they can withstand heavy amounts of force or being cut.

High Amount of Key Differs - There are usually a very high number of real and theoretical key differs (the number of possible keys for a given lock) to prevent cross keying.

Drill Protection - There are extra hardened steel ball bearings put in place to protect the screws and the shear line in the high-security lock, the two points targetted when using a drill to break a lock.

commercial security locksHigh-Security Locks in Commercial Properties

If your business is starting to ramp up and hold more products or other resources, you may want to consider heightening the security in your commercial space. Most businesses won`t run 24/7 and will be left unoccupied at night. You want to make sure your business is the same as it was when you last left it. High-security locks will relieve any stress due to leaving your business for the night or weekends.

High-Security Locks in Residential Properties

Your home protects you, your family and all of your valuable possessions. Sometimes, standard locks just don’t cut it and you want better protection from less than benevolent intruders. If you’re worried about the possibility of someone entering your home uninvited and causing harm to your family or leaving with your belongings, you may want to consider investing more into security.

High-security locks are a great way to provide protection to your family and possessions, whether you’re away or at home.

So if you’re worried about your possessions or loved ones and want to provide extra security to any property, high-security locks will provide you, your family or your business with peace of mind, and they can be easily installed by a professional residential locksmith.

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