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Help! I’ve Locked Myself Out Of My House!

It's understandably distressing when you are trying to enter your home but you seem to have misplaced your keys. Rather than going into a complete panic, it's important to remain calm and think things through. There might be a very simple solution to your problem. Here are some options to try before you call your local locksmith.

A) Try the other doors

You might not be able to open the front door to your home but this is not necessarily the only point of entry. Depending on the layout of your home and yard, you might be able to reach other doors. If you have a back door, patio door, or sliding doors, you can try to gain access to your home this way. If this doesn't work, try option B.

B) Check the windows

Your doors are not the only access points to your home. If a window is large enough, you could climb through. Of course, this means that the window will need to be at least partially open or unlocked. Take the time to check each window and, if you have any mesh screens on your windows, you will need to remove them carefully first. If your windows are all closed and locked, try the next option in this list.

C) Does your dog have a special entrance?

If you have a dog door, it's worth trying. Depending on the size of the door and your size too, you might be able to squeeze through. The widest part of your body is usually your shoulders so, if you get them through, you can almost always wiggle the rest of your body in. Parents, this is where your children can be really helpful! If you have a spare set of keys inside or if any of the other doors can be opened from the inside, you could have your kid crawl through and allow you in! If the dog door idea doesn't work for you, don't lose hope! There are still some other options!

D) Did you hide a key?

It's pretty common for people to hide keys outside their home. It's convenient when you need to have a friend or loved one stop by to feed your pets or check on your home for whatever reason. Take a moment to think if you or anyone you live with may have hidden a key under a potted plant, rock, or somewhere in the yard. No hidden keys? Don't panic just yet! There are still a few more steps you can try.

E) Any spare keys?

If you live with a friend or relative, they might have another set of keys. Even if you are single, it's always a good idea to leave an extra set of keys with somebody you trust, like your parents. Calling for help from a loved one usually depends on the time of day or night. We generally do not like to disturb our loved ones in the middle of the night. If you are not able to locate any spare keys, you might need some kind of “tool” for the next step.

F) Up for a break in?

This step is often met with skepticism. In the movies, we see people pick locks with bobby pins and similar items. They seem to have no trouble regardless of the complexity of the lock and they pop the lock in a matter of seconds. This is not the case in real life – as you are likely to find out! Not everyone has a bobby pin just laying around and, if you try to use a coat hanger, you might find it too large for the job. Another thing to be careful of is damage. Picking a lock can do more harm than good which is what makes so many people avoid this option.

G) Going up!

If you have a double-story home and you are able to get your hands on a ladder, you could have better luck with the upstairs windows. It's worth a try if you are able to reach them safely. If you have a balcony with balcony doors, these are also worth trying while you're up there.

H) Call the professionals

If none of these options work for you, then it really is time to call a locksmith. They should arrive quickly with all the necessary tools and you will be back inside your home before you know it!

At Toronto Top Locksmith, we are available 24/7  to assist you in the case of a home lockout. Our team usually arrives within 20 minutes and we always perform the appropriate checks to ensure your safety and security. Call (647) 479-7764 for urgent Toronto locksmith services by professionals you can trust.

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