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7 Ways To Improve Your Front Door Security

Front door security and home security is a priority no matter where you live. Whether you live alone or you have a family, safety is always important. One of the most popular points of entry for criminals is your front door. We often think about adding security features to our windows but, what about the entry door to your home? Here are seven helpful tips for making your front door more secure.

1. Invest in better locks - Front Door Security

Not all locks are equal. Some are better than others. Certain types of locks are known for offering better security than others. Some are more vulnerable and easier to pick, for example. Your keyed door knob is as important as a deadbolt since the latter is known for being tougher and durable. A good tip to remember is to conduct some of your own research online and ask your local locksmith too. A locksmith expert knows all about the weaknesses and strengths of different types of locks. They will be able to give you different options. Another important tip to keep in mind is to invest in multiple locks for your entry door. The fact that there are several locks will slow potential intruders down. Intruders don't like the idea of getting stuck outside while trying to gain entry to your home. They could be spotted by neighbors or passers-by.

The more of the challenge, the less likely they are to stick around! For added security, you can install interior devices like chain locks and latch bolts. Chain locks are will be effective only when someone is at home. Users can only operate these devices from inside the home. The main advantage of these devices is the fact that they increase security while you asleep. They are relatively simple yet effective and can make all the difference.

2. Install a security screen

Security screens can be installed on the exterior of your front door. This adds an extra layer of security. Before your front door can be tampered with, the intruder will need to successfully open the security screen first. This requires more time and effort – two things intruders detest! The mere sight of a security screen is enough to make them think twice about targetting your home. Another advantage is that you will be able to answer your front door without making yourself vulnerable. You can open the door while the security screen remains locked. This allows you to communicate with the person outside without allowing them access to your home. These screens are often thought of as unattractive. Today, however, there are many models available and it's fairly easy to find one that will complement the style of your home while improving security.

3. Replace your door

improve-front-door-securityThis should go without saying but there are different types of front doors and some are made better than others. When buying a front door, make sure that it is designed for exterior use and ask the manufacturer about the security features. A solid core is something to look for and if it has iron or steel reinforcement, even better!

4. Lock protection

Your locks offer protection but they could also use some protection from tampering. When a lock is installed, holes are drilled into the door and these holes are often quite close together. If an intruder tampers with this part of the door, rather than the lock, it makes it easier to gain entry. Metal slipcovers can be installed to reinforce this part of the door and make it difficult for would-be thieves.

5. Longer set screws

One of the most common ways of gaining entry is by simply kicking the door down. To prevent this from happening, replace the ¾ inch set screws used o your hinges and strike plate. Use 3-inch screws instead and this will help hold your door in place. If extreme force is used, your door may fracture but the chances of it being kicked in are slim.

6. Reinforce glass


Glass portions of your door can be a weak point. Glass portions of your door or glass near your door should be reinforced using bars, security film. Consider moving the window so that an intruder cannot open the door by reaching inside through a broken window. If you choose to add bars for your front door security, make sure that they are close to each other. The main reason is that the intruder cannot stick their arm between the bars and get inside the house.

7. Add some tech

Security cameras have come a long way over the years for front door security. They now have a wide variety of features including motion detectors. Many home security companies install these devices as part of their protection services. You can even invest in a doorbell with a speaker and mini camera. Some services allow you to monitor and operate your home security devices remotely. An intruder will often ring the doorbell to check if anyone is home. At this point, the certain software allows you to respond using your smartphone and you can trick people into thinking you are home. Cameras can also have a record function so, if something does occur, you will at least have a record of it.

Whenever changing the locks or adding locks to your entry door, remember that a professional installation can make a big difference in terms of indoor security. Poorly installed locks will not prove effective in keeping you and your loved ones safe. For expert locksmith services, call Toronto Top Locksmith at (647) 479-7764.

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