Burglar Proof Your Home With These 10 Easy Tips

Burglar Proof Your Home With These 10 Easy Tips

Whether you leave your home for a few hours or a few days, a burglar could make your home their next target. It's not something we like to think about, but it is necessary. Security systems are great for preventing a break-in and alarms can alert the authorities. But what about tricking potential thieves into thinking that somebody is home? Here are some great tips to make anyone think you are home and prevent a break-in.

10 ways to burglar proof your home

Get Rid of Potential Covers

First, start by inspecting the exterior of your home. If a thief wants to break in, they will need some sort of cover. Most often, such cover is provided by trees and bushes. Trim your bushes so potential intruders cannot hide in your yard while checking your house to see if anyone is home. This will help make the tricks below even more effective.

Park on the Driveway

If you have a spare vehicle, you should park it in your driveway rather than your garage. A car in the driveway is a good way of making it seem like someone’s home. Remember to remove valuables from your vehicle if you decide to do this.

Security Timers

Invest in a few security timers. They are used to automatically turn on lamps and lights in rooms like your kitchen and bathroom. Remember not to set them to turn on the lights too frequently – especially at night.

Leave the TV On

Leaving the TV on in your living room is another good idea. That said, you might not want to use this if you are going to be out all night. It might become kind of obvious that you are away if your TV is on for several consecutive days.

Put Mail Delivery on Hold

Ask the post office to hold on to your mail during the period you are planning on being away. Alternatively, ask a neighbor, friend, or relative you can trust to stop by and pick up your mail on a regular basis.

Have Someone Clean Your Driveway

During the winter months, if it snows, ask somebody you can trust to clear your driveway. Snow removal services will also do this for a fee. If the snow is left as is, without any tracks, that is a clear sign that nobody is home.

Have Someone Check on Your House

Let your neighbors know that you are going to be away and alert your local neighborhood watch too. This way, they can keep an extra close eye on your property. Alternatively, you can have somebody you trust visit your home every day to check on things and make it look like somebody is home. If you have potted plants, you can have them water the plants every few days too.

Get a Security System

Activate your security system before you leave and make sure that all of your doors and windows are properly closed and locked. Camera systems that allow you to check your home from your mobile device are great for your personal peace of mind. Install these cameras at possible entry points and you can check on your home whenever you like.

Keep It on the Down-Low

Remember not to 'advertise' that you are going away. There are so many people who love to share photos and videos and tell the world that they are having an amazing tropical vacation. This might seem perfectly innocent, but thieves are prowling social media in search of easy targets. This is another reason why it's not a good idea to post too many photos online – even if you think that your privacy settings are properly set. Thieves take the time to look through photos of your home. They get a full map and an inventory of your belongings just by scrolling through your pictures and this means that they are able to steal a lot of valuable items in less time.

Get a Housesitter

Another thing to consider is a housesitter. Do you have a friend or relative you can trust to live in your home while you are away? If so, make sure that your fridge and pantry are stocked and that your housesitting buddy knows where everything is. Also, just because you have somebody living in your home, this does not mean that you should not secure your belongings before you leave. If you do have an alarm system, let your housesitter know what the code is but, when you return, change that passcode right away. You don't want any reason to consider a friend or family member as a suspect in case a burglary happens in the future.

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