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Improve Home Safety by Securing Your Windows

As a Toronto residential locksmith, we encounter many homeowners looking for ways of protecting their assets, families, and personal belongings. Your home is meant to be your sanctuary but, the fact is that we cannot control the actions of others and we never know when a burglar might be plotting a break in. The best approach is to make sure that your home is as secure as can be. Some of the most obvious solutions include multiple locks on your doors, an alarm system, and home safes for storing valuables. Your windows can also be secured in a number of ways. Here are some options to consider.

Lock your windows

Yes, you will need to open your windows from time to time in order to get rid of stale air and allow fresh air to flow in. However, this should only be done while you are home and, for the rest of the time, it's safer to keep your windows shut and locked! There are a number of security latches as well as special locks that you can install in order to make your windows more secure.

Install bars or grilles on your windows

It might not sound like an attractive option but it is an effective one. Burglar bars will not necessarily make your home look like a penitentiary. There are some stylish varieties out there that can actually add character to your home while detouring thieves at the same time! Make sure that you invest in thicker bars rather than those that can be bent. In addition, they should not be too spaced apart or you should have a design that allows the bars to cross over one another. It’s better to have smaller gaps since smaller burglars have a way of wiggling through! It's also important to make sure that any bolts or screws are not accessible from the outside. They should be concealed in such a way that they cannot be tampered with.

Invest in security cameras


There are some great security cameras on the market these days. Not only should you install one to monitor the front of your home, but you should also make sure that they keep an eye on your windows. This way, if somebody happens to get inside, you've got them on camera! Consider applications that allow you to monitor your home from your mobile device. So, if you are away from home, you will know if there is an intruder. Also, if you’re in bed and you hear a strange noise, you can check your home without risking getting out of bed.

Secure window glass

You can improve the strength of your windows and resistance to burglars by reinforcing the glass. There are several options including adding a special type of film, adding window secure screens, or even installing smash-proof glass. Choose the option that best works for you and your budget. If you have several other window security measures in place, you might not feel it necessary to replace all your windows at this stage.

Install floodlights with motion sensors

This is a great way of getting burglars to run for the hills! Motion detectors will make the light turn on as soon as there is movement. So, if somebody is trying to break in through a particular window, that light will turn on. The one downside of this is the fact that sometimes these sensors are quite sensitive and they can turn on when a cat is roaming in the area or even when there is heavy wind. Talk to an expert about your options and consider your neighbors too! You don't want to shine bright lights into their home late at night.

Get planting

Keep potential burglars away from your windows by planting thorny bushes outside each one! This will make breaking in a real pain! Plus, you will improve the curb appeal of your home at the same time! Roses are one great option but there are other bushes that can also be planted if you prefer. Make sure that the plants you choose will enjoy their environment. Some prefer shade while others enjoy plenty of sun. Mix and match based on the various conditions around your house.

If you are so inclined, you could even get yourself a dog. Large and small breeds alike are great for making a noise and alerting neighbors when a possible intruder is near. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing which means that they will know something is up before you do. When your home is this secure, a lost or broken key can make it impossible even for you to break into your own house! For fast residential locksmith services, call Toronto Top Locksmith at (647) 479-7764. We are available 24/7 and our team always arrives promptly anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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