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How to improve the security of your small business in Toronto

Just like your home, your business needs to be protected. Not only can a burglar get their hands on cash and expensive assets like computers, but they can also steal private information. If they manage to gain access to client information, you will then need to explain to your clients how their details were compromised. […]

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Most common locksmith emergencies in Toronto

With years of expertise as emergency locksmiths in Toronto, we have concluded that some lock problems are more common. If you are wondering if your lock emergency is unique, we can safely say that you are not alone in this. Our emergency locksmith services are different from our standard service. Emergency locksmith service in Toronto […]

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Avoid break-ins with these easy tips

Break-ins are unpredictable and you simply never know when your home could be targeted. All the more reason to ensure that you are as prepared as can be. Here are some essential tips to secure your property and keep potential intruders at bay. Remember, if your home is targeted, you should report the matter to […]

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Lock Rekeying: Is it safe and how is it done?

The basics of lock rekeying The locks on your doors are one of your main lines of defence against potential intruders. This is why so many people choose to invest in high-quality locks for their homes and businesses. However, before you think about replacing the locks on your property, you may want to consider rekeying. […]

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Winter Hazards Car Owners Have To Deal With During Canadian Winters

If you are one of those people who associate driving with pleasure and unwinding, winter can be a scary time to drive fearlessly. The icy roads, sleet and black ice make driving or even getting into a car a major inconvenience. Here are some winter car hazards that you should watch out for: 1. Windshield […]

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7 Questions to Ask a Locksmith Before You Hire Them

Realizing that you are locked out of your home or car is one of the most dreaded feelings that haunt us into inconvenience. The first person that comes to mind in times like these is a reliable locksmith who will be available right away. However, hiring the wrong locksmith can escalate the inconvenience. Therefore, before […]

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Best Locks for Home Security

Did you know that insurers provide discounts for homes with a solid deadbolt installed? One more reason to consider installing stronger locks on your doors. But the security of your home does not just start with a lock. More on that later. There are two types of break-ins, forced entry and non-forced. Forced entry is […]

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How To Find A Trusted Locksmith in Toronto?

You truly appreciate the services of a locksmith only when you are in dire need. These are also the times when you can easily panic and make the wrong decision. The trick is to plan ahead and find the right locksmith near you in Toronto that will fulfill the services you need. Here are some […]

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10 Tips To Improve Your Office Security This Holiday Season

Office environments can get a bit crazy during the holidays. The excessive workload and wrapping up for the holidays does not exactly make space for office security at the top of the list. Thieves and burglars know this and exploit this fact to plan their crimes. Most thefts happen during such carefree moments. Therefore, the […]

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