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Can a Locksmith Cut a Key from a Lock?

Our experts at Toronto Top Locksmith are ready to be there for anything you may need help with. From getting you into your home during an emergency situation to making sure your locks are changed after a burglary attempt, there are very few limitations to what we can ultimately do for you. Of all the questions and concerns we have encountered since we have brought our considerable locksmith experience to the Greater Toronto Area, one question stands out from the rest: “Can a locksmith cut a key from a lock?”

Can New Keys Be Cut from Locks?

Let’s start by answering the question: Yes, in virtually any situation, a locksmith should be able to cut a key from your lock. This is one of the most important services one should expect from a locksmith. Anything less than that is a significant waste of time and money on your part. In fact, before we dive deeper into this important question, let’s first discuss the value of making sure you are working with the best Toronto locksmith company available to you.


What to Expect from a Locksmith

Finding a locksmith who can cut a key from a lock isn’t really your issue. At the end of the day, you are going to find that you can easily find a locksmith who can cut a key from an existing lock. What you want to do then is make sure you find and hire the best locksmith possible. On that note, there are several important factors you should weigh as carefully as you possibly can:

  • Price: The first thing you want to do is look for affordable locksmiths who are also reliable. This can prove to be easier said than done. Some locksmiths pray on the desperation that can sometimes occur when you need to get an emergency Toronto locksmith. Make sure you are working with a locksmith who will quote you a reasonable rate, as well as stick to that rate after the fact.
  • Reviews: Any locksmith worth your time and money is a locksmith with tons of reviews logged online. These reviews should be flawless, or as close to flawless as anyone can reasonably achieve. Read as many reviews as possible, and don’t be afraid to go beyond testimonies offered on a locksmith’s website. These reviews can be found through a number of third-party websites.
  • Availability: To be sure, you want a locksmith who can be there when you need them. It is certainly reasonable for a locksmith to be busy, but if you’re waiting hours in an emergency situation, this is unacceptable.
  • License/Insurance: Without a doubt, you should not concern yourself with locksmiths who do not have the proper license and insurance. You want to be able to protect your investment on every possible level.
  • Technology: You obviously want to work with a locksmith who has the best equipment and tools currently available in the industry. You don’t want to work with someone who is using old tech!

With these requirements in mind, we can now answer the initial question of locksmiths cutting keys from locks.

An Overview: Can Locksmiths Cut Keys from Locks?

The subject of whether or not locksmiths can cut keys from locks is actually quite fascinating. The following are a few basic facts about this that are worth keeping in mind.

  • In order for locksmiths to make keys from locks, they can try at cutting new keys to code, or they can impression the lock itself. The third option would be to disassemble the lock cylinder; the idea is to measure the cylinder’s internal components.
  • More likely than not, the locksmith is going to need to use a range of tools to accomplish one or several of the possibilities we outlined above. For example, code cutters are used to cut the keys to code. Files and key blanks can be used to impression the lock.
  • A non-destructive entry method is obviously going to be your best bet. You do not want to do anything that can cause harm to the internal components of your lock. At that point, the costs involved are going to climb to a considerable degree.
  • Remember that locksmiths will likely be unable to make keys from locks for every single form of lock on the planet.
  • Some locks have special features that can make it extremely difficult to use a lock to create a key. In situations such as these, you are almost certainly going to need the original key.
  • In certain situations, it is going to be easier, and cheaper, to just have new locks put in.

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