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Norton Door Controls develops cutting-edge door control solutions for swing door applications. They produce mechanical door closers and electronic door operators which can be tailored with code-compliant solutions outfitted to an occupant’s needs. Their line of door controls are designed and manufactured to supply high-quality performance and reliability.

Norton Door Control Services

When you are having problems with your door control solutions from Norton Door Controls, call Toronto Top Locksmith and we will be there in no time to ensure your faulty or broken door doesn’t impede your day. We specialize in the Norton Door Control products and are happy to help you get your door controls back in working order in no time!

We offer Norton door control replacement, repairs and more

  • Upgrade door control systems
  • Rekeying and emergency lockout services
  • Home repairs and safe installations
  • Door control replacement and repairs

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The team at Toronto Top Locksmith is both qualified and experienced in performing high-quality repairs and installations. On account of our extensive training and experience, we are capable of providing fast and professional Toronto locksmith services. We understand how important speedy service is which is why we arrive anywhere in Toronto within 15 minutes.

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