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Amazing DIY Hacks You Can Do With WD-40

When we think of WD-40, we usually imagine using it to stop a hinge from squeaking or help lubricate a stubborn lock. What many people do not know is that there are so many other ways in which this solution can help make life easier. Here are some of the most incredible DIY hacks using WD-40 around the house.

Remove carpet stains

Carpets are prone to stains but with WD-40, you have an easy stain removal tool in your corner! Simply spray some of the solution on the stain, wait for a couple of minutes and use some regular carpet cleaner or a sponge with warm, soapy water to clean up the stain. You might need to repeat these steps if the stain is particularly stubborn.

Remove scuff marks on floors

In some cases, surface scuff marks can be removed by mopping. If this does not help, use some WD-40 on the affected area and then wipe them down. If you are concerned that this lubricant could damage your floors, test it on a tucked away area first.

Keep snow off windows

Snow is lovely to behold from inside your home but not so nice to have building up on your windows. Apply WD-40 to the outside of the window before the snow starts falling and notice how the white flakes no longer stick to the glass!

Keep your snow shovel clean

One of the most frustrating parts of shoveling snow is when it sticks to your shovel! Before you begin clearing a path, apply some WD-40 to the shovel and notice how the snow falls right off as you toss it!

Prevent frozen car locks

Tired of getting locked out of your car in winter? A great preventive tip is to apply WD-40 to the locks of your car. It prevents water from entering the lock and freezing later.

Make shoes waterproof

Do you need waterproof shoes or boots but you don't have the time or money to go shopping right this minute? Apply WD-40 to your shoes before going out. It's great for creating a moisture barrier that will keep your shoes and feet dry.

Repel bugs

WD-40 is great for keeping wasps and spiders away. Simply spray the solution in areas where these critters like to make themselves at home outside as well as any areas that may provide them access to your home (such as windowsills) and you won't have to worry about them again!

Remove 'paint rub'

If another car or even a shopping cart rubs up against your vehicle, you may notice some marks. You can remove these marks by applying WD-40 to the area and wipe it away with a clean rag. This is a lot cheaper than taking your car in for a professional detail!

Remove chewing gum

You may have used peanut butter in the past but WD-40 is far more effective when it comes to removing gum from hair! Spray some in the affected area, comb out and rinse. This works on other items too, not just hair!

Clean sticky or greasy fingers

If you have been working with glue or any adhesive and your hands are sticky, use WD-40 to remove the stickiness before washing your hands. The same goes for grease. It's much easier to remove grease from your hands with WD-40 than with regular soap and you won't be stuck scrubbing your hands until they are red either.

Remove sticky residue

If you have removed stickers from surfaces or items like bottles and a sticky residue has been left behind, use WD-40 to clean the sticky area. Remember, after applying the solution, allow it to stand for about a minute before wiping away.

handy uses for wd-40

Zipper troubles

If you have a stuck zipper, apply WD-40 to help get it moving. You should pull it up and down a few times to allow the solution to enter all the small grooves in between.

Remove a tight ring

It's happened to most of us – you put a ring on and struggle to get it off again! Instead of regular soap, you can use WD-40. It's far more effective and a little goes a long way.

Clean up oil spills

If you have oil spots on your driveway, apply WD-40 and allow it to sit for a minute before washing away. The oil stain should disappear as your driveway dries. You might need to do this a few times to get rid of the entire stain, depending on just how bad it is.

There you have it! Some handy uses for WD-40 that you never knew before! Remember, if you are having trouble with a lock at home or at work, contact Toronto Top Locksmith. While WD-40 can help with sticky locks, it does not solve all lock and key problems – this is where we will come to your aid!